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So my wallet has been missing for days, and my friend asked me if i wanted to go to an irish pub tonight. A little about my friend is that he has a super hot mom and he’s the one everyone has momma jokes for;
so he calls me and asks If i’d like to ‘go riot ‘
I smartassy replied, ‘dude, I lost my wallet, I can’t find it anywhere it sucks but i have money.
Ask your mom if she has a Lost and Found.’
but little did I know. he was in the passenger seat with his mum coming back from carrabas or whatever.
but the BEST part was when
he said ‘she heard you dude’.
and I raised my voice and said ‘good’.
she literaly just BURSTED out laughing.

oooooohh good times, during bad times. o joy o joy o joy

— life